You've got the bug, now spread the love.

Virus Tracker is an educational game that can transform any event into a full-blown zombie epidemic. Score points by passing on your zombie virus to other players or curing them with the latest vaccine.

As you play, the game creates a map of all your interactions—information that helps real-life scientists study how diseases spread

How far can you spread the zombie virus?

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Catch Virus Tracker at an Event near you.

Our zombie virus loves big crowds, so each game of Virus Tracker takes place at a special live event. You can play using a smart phone or a special set of Virus Tracker stickers. Find our booth to get started!

The next game of Virus Tracker will be played at SXSW

How do you play?

1. Get your player ID.

Visit the Virus Tracker booth to recieve your unique player ID. This lets you log into the app, track your score and view a chart of all the players you've interacted with.

2. Check for new vaccines.

Vaccinating other players: it's the nice thing to do. Plus it gives you major points! But watch out: the zombie virus likes to mutate. Keep checking your app or the Virus Tracker booth to make sure you have the latest vaccine.

3. Spread the zombie virus.

It earns you points and it's as simple as handing out stickers or scanning a QR code on your app. You'll earn bonus points if you're the first person to infect a new player.

4. Track your stats.

The player with the most points at the end of each Virus Tracker event wins. See where you stand on our leaderboards and get info on your fellow players by logging into our game center.

What does your zombie outbreak look like?

Every game of Virus Tracker is unique: player choices determine how the virus spreads.

zombie-elvis-left zombie-lucy-right

Do it for SCIENCE!

The Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech to demonstrate epidemic spread as well as virual mutations. It's a fun way to learn about virology, immunology, social networks, and vaccination strategies.

Virus Tracker is the educational component of a Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) grant funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Institute of Health.

Through modeling and simulation, Institute researchers are trying to understand how diseases spread through human social contact networks.

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