Virus Tracker


Virus Tracker is an educational game that simulates the spread of a virus and the critical role of vaccination in combating a disease outbreak. Players start out infected with the Virus Tracker Zombie Virus, and can return to a Human state by getting vaccinated via interaction with other players. Vaccinated players can seek out and vaccinate infected players, earning points and game standings. But beware, Zombie Virus mutations are a constant threat, and the vaccine for one mutation will not protect you from subsequent mutations. It is important to pay attention to game notifications and obtain the latest vaccines as they are released, before succumbing to the latest mutation!


  • Free app helps you explore the ins and outs of pandemic infection without the danger of actual physical harm!
  • Fun educational tool for immunology, virology, and epidemiology
  • Demonstrates the importance of Vaccination and Vaccination strategies
  • Earn points by interacting with other players
  • Fight the Zombies - obtain and administer updated vaccinations as Zombie Virus mutations arise
  • Stay on the lookout, as mutations can occur at any time, and can return you to being a Zombie if left untreated!
  • Perfect for lovers of zombies and humanity alike!

Additional Info

This app was developed as part of the educational component of a Modeling Infectious Disease Agent Systems grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences at the National Institutes of Health.